New EP “Honey & Hive”

New 3-song EP “Honey & Hive” produced by Ed DesJardins at Lakeside Studio in Readfield, Maine, and featuring Ed and also Lisa Redfern, is available from iTunes and CDBaby. Songs included are “Honey & Hive”, “All the Way to the Sun”, and “The Heaven that We Made”. Here’s a clip of the title track featuring Baxter Van West, from the Portland, Maine TV show 207  on WCSH, December 12, 2016.

All three songs are songs of encouragement. “Honey & Hive” was written in commemoration of the very brief life of Camille Marguerite Littlefield, born still March 29, 2015. “All the Way to the Sun” was written for Van West’s sons, and “The Heaven that We Made” tells the story of a wee person who dreams big. Cover art by gracious permission of Portland painter John Arden Knight.

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