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Photo: Communicado! / Nancy McGinnis

Jenny Van West‘s original songs hit with passion and humor on the many facets of human vulnerability, and are delivered with potent stage presence and vocal horsepower listeners have compared to Alison Krauss and Emmy Lou Harris. The first place winner of the 2015 Maine Songwriters’ Association songwriting contest, her loves of roots country, blues, gospel, and traditional fiddle styles pervade her vocal and instrumental work and have earned her TV and radio appearances. Her albums include Something Real (2015), Honey & Hive (2016), and a new full-length album forthcoming in late 2017. She lives in Maine with her husband and two sons. 

Crossing the boundaries between country, swing, folk, and indie singer-songwriter, Jenny Van West’s debut album Something Real (2015) presents a powerful new voice in New England songwriting. Listen here

Combining insightful poetry with inspired chord progressions, the all-original, vocally-driven, multi-genre songs on embody the poignancy, joyfulness, tragedy, and humor of being human. Something Real was masterfully produced by Ed DesJardins of Lakeside Studios in Readfield, ME, and features internationally- and regionally-recognized musicians, including multi-instrumentalists Jeff Pevar and Andy Happel, clarinetist Billy Novick, guitarists Pete Heitzman and Robby Coffin, fiddler Ed Howe, drummer Ginger Cote, and many others.

In April of 2017, she is headed to Buddhaland Studios in Los Angeles, the independent recording studio of internationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter producer Shane Alexander to record her second full-length album of all original material, due out late 2017.

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    1. Hi Melody! So sorry for your trouble. We had to reschedule that concert a month ago to Sept 15 because of a visa application issue. We immediately changed all the online postings to reflect that but something must have snuck through and been picked up by their web site. Accurate listing for September 15 will definitely be at We will know in a few weeks if their visas have been granted. Happy to comp you one ticket for your trouble–just remind me at the door. All the best–Jenny


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