Comments from listeners:

“Nellie is a classic.” —Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)

“Jenny plays her silky/sultry voice like a fine instrument through songs ranging between pastoral narratives, dogs lost and sexy solutions to mid-life crisis. She’s got both hands firmly on the wheel of her musical strengths and steers her listeners joyfully through a very entertaining and musically satisfying show.”
— Martin Swinger

“Just listened to these two songs, ‘Something Real’ and ‘Blackbird,’ and am just blown away. Partly by the strength and sweetness of your voice, and partly by the incredible sophistication of the music itself, the harmonies and progressions (I don’t really have the vocabulary).”

“It’s as if Nanci Griffith and Burt Bacharach had a love child with Joni Mitchell and Stephen Sondheim looking on fondly and ready to step in as godparents…”

“Am just totally blown away. Bravissima!!!”

“Just a major major WOW for Something Real—every single song is exceptional—every song attentively crafted and beautifully shared between musicians, singer and lyrics—a total heart thumping sometimes teary eyed tour de force—I love this CD and in a short time—one day—of listening—I can’t stop playing ‘Rest Awhile’—lovely lasting work of art!”

“Better than Xanax.”

“Words can’t express my admiration for what you have accomplished on your new album. Your voice is pretty, pure, and convincing. The songs are both beautiful and funny with gorgeous melodies. Arrangements and guitar playing are perfect. Well done!!”

“…Almost have the album memorized. And it’s on the road trip playlist, right along with Leonard, Brandi, Keith, and Madeleine. You’re in good company!”

“Wow, what a great recording! Your material is excellent. Your singing is stellar. Personnel is as tight as a bug’s butt. And Ed DesJardins did a bang-up job at the knobs, per usual. I love it!!”

It’s like having you in my house in the least annoying way possible…not that you’re particularly annoying when you’re actually in my house.”

“Loving the CD…playing over and over.  ‘Nellie’….[is] just a perfect combination of melody, catchy rhythm and sentimental twist — with cool lyrics.  You have a HIT there in my book!”

“Lorsque tu chante on peut resentir beaucoups d’emotion, c’est magique lorsqu’une musique arrive a touché directement le coeur. Le coeur de l’homme est faite pour aimer, pour resentir la paix, pour adorer le Dieu du ciel et pour resentir la beauté de l’inspiration. La musique lorsqu’elle est bien canalisée peut aider l’homme a etre en harmonie avec lui meme et a etre en harmonie avec l’univers qui l’entoure, c’est fabuleux. Je trouve que ta musique traduit justement cela.

“J’ai ecouté une fois, ensuite deux fois puis une troisieme fois ton album, c’est vrai que je ne comprends pas l’anglais mais l’essentiel c’est que je peux resentir de l’emotion, me sentir bien dans mon etre.

“C’est important de composer une musique pour la paix de l’ame et de l’esprit. La musique peut guerir les coeurs brisés par la maladie et le chagrin, la musique peut redonner de l’espoir…Congratulations, Jen.”


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